Better to suffer evil than to do evil

By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

What is evil and what have we to do with it? Is our human nature inherently good or bad? To answer these questions, one must bear in their mind that divine wisdom and knowledge is always our guide to finding way forwards to life questions as such. Evil is that which causes harm or destruction or misfortune to people or in other words, it is being morally wrong in principle or practice. The bible says in the book of Mark 7:21-23, ‘’for from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, murders, fornications, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: All these evil things come from within and defile the man’’.

From this verse, one can tell whether the defilement comes as a result of nature or not. But luckily enough, the fact that we are born with morality within us can never let one be blindfolded that mankind is by nature a bad being.  And so, the point is that humans are by nature good creatures and that it becomes a deviation from what we truly are if one tries to act the evil.

How does one act the evil? Just to give an example of our current world situation, it can ring right in the ears of all that we are engulfed in what some called, one among the toughest challenges the world has ever faced since the flood of Noah. The world wars and others came but not did they shake and bring world in to one like the Novel Corona virus has done. Now there is a sign of unity among the people of the world against this pandemic but the question remains, what and who is behind the Corona virus? As the adage goes, no smoke without fire, it is crystal clear that it must have been brought about by someone or country but who this person or country is still leaves doubt and lack of trust among all of us. And not to go far away from the point, the virus is evil and it has been brought about by someone who deviated from doing well that the creator requires of them. This fact reminds us that some people or country somewhere around the globe have acted evil and because of them, the world is suffering this pandemic. I would prefer to use the word redefinition of their self. However, is it biblical or ethical to redefine our nature or act the opposite of what we stand to do? In reality, humans are supposed to live and act as truly they are created. In other words, if one acts against their nature, it becomes evil act in itself. And because, evil is disastrous and that it demands later a reward from those who do it, it is advisable that the creators of this pandemic should not have done so. Who is there to change the good God has created and later will go unpunished? None.

Now, the world is dying and the virus looks yet to be satisfied. It is still spreading and colonizing new territories across the globe. What brings it to an end is yet unknown to mankind but hopefully, because our God is all powerful, omnipresent and always seeing his children, it is worth assuring that sooner, he will act the right for all to be saved from the hand of this deadly virus. It is just a matter of time.

But though, it should also be noted that our heavenly creator will reward accordingly those who brought about the virus. So, what will be their punishment, is up to God, the best judge. And also, I have a feeling that the world will try to find out who this person or country is and punish and fine them as well. This law of nature that evil comes back to their creator must be accorded to whom it deserves for the case of the Corona pandemic. The victims of any evil act find happiness and a good fortune in the end. Better to suffer evil than to do evil.

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