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Better Land Policy ends land disputes

Michael Chiengjiek National Minister of Land, Housing and Urban Development addressing media during the workshop

By Yiep Joseph

The Minister of Land, Housing, and Urban Development Michael Chiengjiek who doubles as the Chairperson of Land Committee yesterday said better Land Policy remains the best solution for all land disputes in the country.

The Minister made these remarks yesterday during the opening of the three days technical and planning workshop for the review and development of the National Land Policy in South Sudan.

“You are very aware of what is happening in Juba about land grabbing, fighting in some places for example in Upper Nile, Unity State and others over the grazing land, all these are problems that need to be addressed through this land policy,” Chiengjiek said.

He urged all the stakeholders who came from states to critically look into the land policy citing that it would end all the disputes in regards to land in the state.

He added that land needs to involve the government in order for vital development to flourish in the country.

“Some people do not understand what the land policy means they just concentrate on the concept that says land belongs to the community this is what they are focusing, but the land policy is something we need to involve the government,” he expressed.

 “land need to be regulated by the government and without land policy, you can’t regular this land management but with proper land policy now the national government, the state government would be able to regulate these land whether for community or for the national government or for the state,” he added.

He said that proper land policy would encourage investors   

“You can’t have investors if you do not have proper land policy because at end land policy is what the investors want so that it secures their properties”

Meanwhile, Meshack Malo FAO representative South Sudan said that South Sudan have the ability to move out from food Aid citing that the country has abundant resources and land in particular 

He called on the stakeholders to ensure that land policy is put in place in order to ease development in the country.

Robert Ladu Benjamin Chairperson Land Commission reaffirmed that the Land Policy would address most of the challenges related to land in the country. 

“The land policy would harmonize the communities to live together without disputes or fighting this is because it would clearly detail how the land can be used and regulated by the government,” Ladu said.

He added that even during the comprehensive Agreement between South Sudan and Sudan, land remained sensitive citing that there is an immediate need to have land policy in South Sudan

The three days’ workshop was organized by the Ministry of land, housing and Urban Development with support from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FOA) and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGA).

The objective of the workshop is to equip stakeholders on the drafted Land Policy with a view of preparing final document to be presented to the parliament.

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