Better days will come

Ngor Khot Garang

Some days seem impossible to get through. You wake early in the morning, collect your nets and go fishing only to come back in the evening with nothing but the same fishing nets, you then decid to try hunting and it even get worse, no nothing not even a bush rat to give you hope to try one more time. 

You open your eyes wide to see if there is light in future and all you could see is hopelessness covered by the fog of darkness. Sometimes you feel like you should lie down on your bed and sleep forever and to your surprise, you find yourself waking up in the morning.

After seeing that you have woken up, you whisper to yourself ‘why me again, I am tired of struggling with no sign, it will work out one day. If you are among these people who carry these sentiments, let me tell you something there is something you have to know before throwing in the towel. ‘You have to try as long as you are still alive and kicking’.

Winning in life is not a heaven-sent-luck. It is a product of daily struggles, you don’t have to be disoriented when things appear to be very hard and elusive.

There is nothing hard in this world when you believe in yourself; the fact that you are alive is miraculous! Just imagine those who are no longer with us, how they wished they were here, if they were to be given second chance to live again, do you think they will not work hard to fulfill why they were created?

Don’t complain of the way the world is. It is not easy but it all depends on who you think you are.

Nothing is free in this world even God himself had to make some clay to create a man or woman like you. Don’t think of how hard is life, think of the way to make the best out of it or what do you want the world to be?

Do you want the world where everything is free? Do you want the world where God sends bread and manna? I think a world like this would be boring and meaningless.

Yes, I said it and I can say over again because your greatest life can not be lived without the strength that comes from your struggle? How will you know where your purpose lies in life if everything was to be free? Just see the birds and other small animals. Do you think they wait for God to send their food?

I think a bird or an animal doing this is doing it for its own peril. There is nothing free in life but you can create a happy and prosperous life when you work hard and refuse to give up even in the face of adversity.

Make it happen! Don’t sit idly and feel sorry for yourself. For what reason yourself? Why should you be sorry for yourself when you have the ability to be someone greater/smarter than the person you already know why should you be sorry for yourself when you sleep on an empty stomach after just reading the stories of men and women who made it from absolutely nothing to great political figures, business magnates, inventors, and more.

Learn to know when you are feeling down and keep hope knowing that the storm will stop, find purpose in whatever kind of suffering you are going through.

Be one of the few who say I can still fight even if it is the whole world fighting against me. Be one of the few who feel happy with the way they are created, those who look in the mirror and say “I am able, worthy, great, good looking and beautiful, God created me like so and so”. You see, giving up in life comes when you disagree with yourself especially when you think you were a parental accident or your birth was by mistake.

Majority of people who think like this are not there if not living on the mercy of good Samaritans, this is the stage of life where you should feel sorry for yourself.

You were not created to feel sorry for yourself or how your life is. You deserve how great and beautiful life can be and to be an inspiration to others who will look to you with admiration and say he did it, she did it at last and I can do it too.

If there is one you deserve more than anything in life, it is “success.” Don’t think of the poverty where you are born into but think of the way out. Do something with your life. Work on yourself every day and don’t think of giving up when you stumble upon a hard stone because doing so will mark the end of your life, don’t ever give up, you have a story to tell, you must value yourself enough and wait for that day, that day when you will talk to a gathering at home or school telling them the hard things you went through in your journey and days you almost gave up and how you beat the odd. You can do it, come out and be the one.

You always wanted to be, I know we have no control over some situations but that does not define you. Keep going without looking back, you are a winner in life.

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