Better days are coming

By Chol Peter Majoh

You have yearned for change in your life, you have struggled but your labour hasn’t rewarded you and you have tried to do all you could but all in vain.

You have decided to give up because you feel like things are meant for you just as you have been experiencing, never give up ; better days are coming.

The next option is the right direction, even if it may not work out; try others ahead because maybe your better days were not approved by God.

He was maybe busy serving others and now maybe your turn, give up not; better days are coming.

It’s well known in the world that towards the end of trials, the skepticism or doubt raises.

This is the stage at which many give up, when things are at the gate for you, you just decided to commit suicide or turn back (give up what you were pursuing), does not help.

Better days are coming! Your past seemed so full of defeat and nothing seems right on you ways, you are in a class of life experience and the next is the graduation.

Take courage, do something and take it easy because better days are coming. There’s no experience than doing and doing, trying and trying over again and again.

If things seem impossible, your ways are snowy, when the storm and fog is deep that you don’t imagine, just tie you belt and know those are signs of the better days.

Never think negative, always remember to pursue all and whatever is perfect and you shall harvest the fruit of it; this brings to you your better days.

Are you stacked? You decide and you don’t see any decision, that not the end and the answer is not NO because N.O  I heard that it’s an acronym for Next opportunity and fail means first attempt in life.

Do not lose the knots of you heart, tighten them strongly and fight the battle of skepticism, fight doubt and disbelief because better days are coming.

In this world where things seem opposite like hope means hopelessness, success as failure, wake up and do something to them who are pessimistic, just oppose such forces and pressures of life and don’t be overshadowed or overcome by fear for many has overcome.

Why only you? Be the hope for the hopeless, peace for those without, courage for those who can’t afford it; better day are coming for you.

To dig gold or any other precious stone takes time, what you are digging is the first layer and you are almost there, hold yourself firmly because better days are coming.

Your life is not a mess, it’s not an example from which the Successful ones learn failure, it’s almost and you’re soon there, see plan and do something to uplift you. You are somebody, don’t underestimate yourself, believe in yourself and know God is grinding you your better days.

Life is a journey and you need hope, you need to promise yourself and keep your promise as you travel in life. Do nothing but harden you heart from listening to pessimistic suggestions, just wait for your day. Be optimistic for the reason that better days are coming.

No condition is permanent and greater than of Nick Vujicci who was born without legs and arm. Without legs and arms, Nick Vujicci knows how to swim, skydive and he is a motivational speaker.

Go on YouTube and watch his videos. Because of his faith and trust that each person has a purpose and reason he or she exists Nick has found a place in the world as one of the world’s known and prominent figure.

He’s has a family, beautiful children and everything. What of you who has all your parts? Why can you serve yourself, making your days better?  Better days are in your hands, in your muscles and in how you used your mind to bring those days.

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