Better avoid drunkeness

By Akol Arop Akol

This is a country where things are new. Things are misused or over spent. For some people, as long as they have access to a particular thing, there is no break. The lucky ones are garbing the opportunity and filling their desires.

I don’t know if the drunkards think that alcohol is fine or beneficial to one’s life. When asked to tell any reason for drinking “Refresh myself, or my mind, get rid of condition’’ or stress, these are minor replies from people who drink.

Those who drink and think that they “don’t care,” have to know that alcohols and drugs have passive effects on others. A stingy drunkard who is busy with alcohol has no time for personal hygiene such as; washing cloth, brushing teeth and bathing. That kind of a person may not freely associate with people.

Drinking is not that bad, but it is advisable not to practice dirking where other people gather. When some officers drink and walk to the office, they forget themselves and their duties. They don’t work as normal.

For example moving off suits (jackets) and turning on Television for watching movies are the characteristics.  While trying to arrange office works, a drunken boss could be overcome with fatigue.

If a customer or a client comes, instead of welcoming him or her to have a sit; the boss may horribly asks, who are you and what do you want? That is so disappointing. Guess!

If that person is coming with some gifts, would it be possible to present it while already displeased? Otherwise, they would be like a pastor who once upon a time refused to pray for a sick dog, but as he was promised to be given some huge money, he said “In the name of Jesus, why didn’t you tell me that your dog is a Christian?” He later accepted to pray because of the commission that would be given to him.

That is what some bosses do. They respect a person who is after a serious and beneficial deal for both of them. They like mistreating and belittling job-seekers thinking that any walker is a beggar. They think that offices belong to them for exercising their authorities and not for public usage. Even if it is one’s company, leisure is never at work place because excessive drinking gives them headache, laziness and feeling of drowsiness.

Some drivers take whisky and then drive recklessly. No caution at all. Without self-control the passengers may get into misunderstanding maybe in payment fares and quarrel.

Smoking is also common with those addicted. They lit cigarette and smoke releasing toxic smoke in the public. A great confusing concept is that those who practice those manners think no one has control over them, and that no one has a right to ban anything harmful they do. Okay, if a smoker is in a taxi (public bus) as dizzy and at moment enjoying his thing, would everyone inside be pleased with the passive smell?

One day when I was taking my launch somewhere, there came in a smart man (officer) in black suit and he ordered for something to fill his empty stomach. He ate like having some good days without eating.

I gazed at him as he felt dizzy and lazy. I was then surprised later when he pulled out a small bottle containing a white liquid from suit’s inner pocket. That was whisky. I wondered why someone responsible like that could unreasonably drink and move about around the market while leaving his office empty.

Though taking alcohols at home during free personal leisure is necessary, it is still dangerous as long as it is overdosed. It could have effects on the work performance. Like poor decision making and breaking customers’ relationship.

It results into low quality of services being given because the officer may be having poor planning and unfulfilled appointment with clients. Drunkards refrain please from taking alcohols and drugs; they are harmful to your body as well as on others.

Writer is a high school student

Reached on Email: akol.akol49@gmail.com

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