Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

How does one feel when betrayed by one he has always thought was his true friend and associate. How would you feel if that friend turned out to be a wolf in a sheep-skin? It has happened and very possible to happen again. My mind and skull of thought do not allow me to betray or underrate anybody on earth. It is drawn on my mind that something was not right because a friend had called me after so many months wanting to meet me. At first l was a very happy man for having received the call. I was happy to have heard the voice of my long lost friend. I had so many questions to ask him and l needed immediate answers. On a second thought and after a while my mind raced to the time we last saw one another and the parting shot or salvo that went between us. It was an ugly consequence an ugly indeed that left me paralyzed in the heart and mind. To come back in the scene from nowhere and behave like nothing had happened was tantamount to a face-off abuse. Some people’s memories are short lived and my friend was one of them. I am giving only this one scenario, but l know that outside there, there are many Judas who are waiting for their right time to betray Jesus. Among the twelve disciples who would have thought that Judas would betray the master. Even in places of work not everyone who laughs with you is a friend. Those who stand beside you are not all friends. There is a saying that “making friends is very easy. Breaking one is also very easy but regaining that friendship and trust may not be easy because “once beaten twice shy”. My take here is that let’s be prepared to know as l was once told that “all that glitters are not gold.” Mostly we are told not to judge a book by its cover, however, sometimes one can be forced to judge that book by its cover depending on the circumstances and situations surrounding the present and the future. It should be a priority in the minds and bodies to avoid wrong friends who only resurface when they need something from you and disappear in the thin air thereafter. Those who have experienced such friends or betrayers should guard against being weary of their underground activities which demonstrate how their self-interests are coined in different angles to suit their cause even if it means going overboard or outstretching their interests to the level of hurting others without winking or blinking an eye lid. The power of deceit cannot be equated with the power of doing well to the society and the human being. It is those who live in the falsified world that are afraid of the unknown. They include friends who disappear only appear when they want to use you. Do not give them room to do that they want to do but keep them guessing until they give up without knowing what is in your mind.  

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