Best Boys crew aiming for East African music scene

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The Best Boys music crew would be the youngest team in the industry but so ambitious. The “don’t cry” fame hit makers are aiming for the East African music scene in times to come.

So confident while speaking to Juba Monitor Producer Bobi, a member of the crew revealed that it is three years that they have been in the music industry and they feel that their music is ready for the East African music market.

Don’t cry, a song that was produced by Bobi is a dancehall tune that is rocking the airwaves of radios in South Sudan and Bobi believes that the song has the potential to play in any East African radio station.

“As Best boys we are aiming at the East African music scene, then Africa at large and finally we will rock the world because we believe in ourselves and with everyone’s support we can make, South Sudan music to the next level,” said Bobi.

Emma love of the African fame song and also member of the Best Boys revealed that the best boys, united one family are ready to share and develop ideas that will make their music cross borders.

One of the greatest achievements of Best Boys is they have been signed to creative Records, a production house where they have no worries of studio fees for their songs.

“We have all it takes to rock the East African music level; we are lucky to have our own studio where we can record and master our songs with the help of the producer anytime,” said Emma love.

It is three years since the group was formed and K2 Tonny, a member believes that one love and being strong has kept them together.

“We have been together for the last three years, got to know each other in and out, we know our strength and weakness and for those who don’t believe in us, they should keep watching the space,” K2 Tonny said.

Am mad, kwagala, tam tam and bad friends are some of the songs recorded under the Best Boys name and doing well in the country’s music industry.

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