Bereaved or burdened? There is still hope

By Ngor Khot Garang

I understand that you are an innocent person. You have always been a good person and there is no single time in your life when you change to be someone that you are truly not. You have always remained strong in every situation but why things are not working out on your side still and will always remain one of the hardest questions that you cannot answer. Maybe within this year alone, you might have lost someone so dear to you. It could also be an opportunity you have given your very best but ended up being taken by somebody else or daily problems that squint at you once every morning. You often wonder what exactly you have done to pay for all these challenges and you get down on your knees when you find that you can’t find the real answers.

It is true, life will always be there to disappoint and give us all that we may need to give up the fight. In your heart, you are worried about the future because all the things you have tried did not bring forth the expected results. It is getting you from pain to another and the weight hurts. You can’t move any more. The little energy you have is no longer what it used to be when you started the journey. All the energy wasted and nothing achieved after all. It is really sad. How would you feel, perhaps someone who is abandoned or someone who is in unforgiving world? Forgotten? It is not true, the world is just like this and it is not you alone. But why aren’t you moving anywhere, you asked and the world remained quiet. You have come a very long way but nothing has transpired. Everything is just working in the opposite. Maybe for all these years, you have been in school and now you are facing a futureless lifetime of joblessness. And your parents or the community are expecting you to give back what was invested in you during your studies. You feel like giving up and sometimes something in your mind raise the alarm that you are living for nothing and this like the rest of the other problems will get you down on your knees again to pray and it will seem like it is even getting worse.

You will constantly wonder why this world is always against you and still your wonders will remained yours alone but when you reach out and ask other people, it will all go down to the same lane that life is hard and that was the way God made it to be but why did God chose to make life harder? We may sometimes question God’s authority but in truth we are humans and we deserve all these kinds of sufferings because these train us to be who God wanted us to be. Even the same son of God in the names of Jesus Christ has tasted this kind of life. He has seen enough of bottom side of life sometimes the hardest to know what tears truly mean. This means that the tears we shed on daily basis were shed by the same Jesus who is the same son of God. Jesus became a refugee and he was rejected several times by his own people and on top of that he went hungry for some good market days but above all, he stood out to be the Jesus that we know today. Savior and redeemer but he has a painful background sometimes hard to compare or equate with yours.

The lesson here is that human life changes from bad to good and it doesn’t matter how long it takes because the fact still remain that as long as you still live, you will have a story to tell.  The story of Jesus should and must give us hope and assurance of the life that awaits us, even if you suffer on this earth, God will be blamed when he let you suffer in the biblical heaven. You have not lost everything. You are just under training and these pushbacks will help you figure out your life in the right way.  Imagine, if your life were smooth, would you still feel like there is something you are living for? I don’t think so, but all I know for sure is that life has to be hard and painful to the extent that we feel like suicide is the only way out because when things are not easy, we would really work hard and try our very best to make the best out of the life we lead and that is where our purpose lies. There is no way we would fulfill God’s call for us in this world without going through those challenges. We must always be prepared to carry those loads and still believe that our God will see us through. Just enjoy the process and pray to God to give you enough of what he wants you to carry because sometimes there is a reason for every bad thing that happens in our lives. Some happens to shape us while others do happen to show us the right way to go. So in whatever kind of situation you are in, just know that God hold the keys and he will surely unlock it one day.     

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