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Bentiu residents trained on human rights

Some of the participants posed for a group photo

By William Madouk Garang

Community leaders and members in Bentiu of Unity State on Monday received human rights and gender equality awareness sessions to acquaint them with fundamental rights.

The one-day training on basic Human right and gender equality is meant to sensitize communities on basic human rights and how to stand firm in a fight against human right violation within their localities.

The event was organized and facilitated by Action for Conflict Resolution (ACR) in partnership with Norwegian people’s Aid (NPA).

The public discourse drew together state officials from the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare, Members of Parliament, youth, local chiefs and many others.

Ditdok Peter Both, Project Officer at Action for Conflict Resolution (ACR) told Juba Monitor that human rights awareness was very essential to assist local society to know their rights and respect one another.

“We want to see the members of South Sudan and [people of] Unity State are able to exercise [they’re] rights or give citizens their rights. Mostly, on how one can respect other person’s right, that’s what we are aiming to achieve as well as gender,” Both noted.

Tabitha David from Youth Forum who is also among the beneficiaries affirmed that she would do anything within her power to preach the massage they had learned to society.

“I have learned a lot and I now know the differences between my rights, especially what I should do or not do,” MS. David said.

“I even have a suggestion to ACR, to at least photocopy these rules and then they give it to each department for us to go and spread or preach in the community,” she added.

Theresa John, one of the beneficiaries from IDP in Bentiu, said the training was very important in shaping communities’ thoughts which carry the universal truth that all human kinds were created equal and hence enjoy equal rights.

Mr. Gadet Gatjuol who is among the participants, stressed that the government is the first institution to respect human rights but in crisis, the government is the first to violate rights which is unbecoming.

“Government should be the first [institution] to implement human rights, so that other people can also follow it [government] in the process,” Gatjuol stated.

“Please let’s work together because we are implementing peace and peace is a chance in which everybody can claim his/her rights,” he added.

He further stated that peace is paramount and without it nobody will be able to enjoy his/her rights because the country will be in a messy situation to observe rights.

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