Belly Music Group Launches Peace Campaign

The Billy Music Group launched on Sunday evening (16th July 2017), a conciliatory campaign under the theme: “Peace for the People.”

The campaign was in form of a concert staged at the Youth Group Centre at Hai Neem and it witnessed marvelous performance by different South Sudanese artists who live in Juba.

Amongst those who participated were: The host group The Billy Music Group, Nujum El-Gad (the Stars of tomorrow), VIP Comedian, and Namugongo Art Group.

Crowds from Hai Neem and the nearby suburbs came to grace the celebration, calling for an end to the conflict in South Sudan as the Billy Music Group launched the campaign with the famous song: “Junubin Kalina Geni Sawa”, in colloquial Juba Arabic laterally meaning, “South Sudanese let us stay together”.

Speaking during the event, Mr. Mido Dedi, the Coordinator of Yei River State in Juba who is also an artist said, “We artists all support whole heartedly the Billy Music Group campaign for peace in South Sudan. Let us sing for peace just as we mobilized Southern Sudanese masses in 2011 to vote for independence, now it’s time for us also to mobilise South Sudanese for peace because there is a conflict in our country”.

General Paulino Meseka, the owner of popular album “Lokole”, who encouraged Billy Music Group to continue with the campaign, adding that all the artists support the campaign for peace in South Sudan.

Speaking to the Juba Monitor after the occasion, the campaign organizer, Mr. Billy William Hassan, said the objective of the campaign was, “to launch an initiative of peace for the people.”

“Last time we sang for separation of Southern Sudan from the Sudan and in 2011 we got our independence, and few years later the country embroiled into the conflict, there are often reports of many deaths at night, no better medical services, people are hungry as a result of the famine,” he said.

“As an artist, I have been cogitating on the situation in our country, and I said to myself we artists we a role to sing and mobilise people for peace and definitely peace will come—that is why I have initiated this campaign of peace for the people and through it, I am inviting other artists my colleagues that let us all sing using the same spirit we manifested in 2011 when we sang for independence.” Mr. Billy added.

Mr. Billy said he was optimistic that the leaders of South Sudan would listen to the voices of artists and work end the conflict in the country.

Diplomat and Musician Kiszito Candido Wako, the former South Sudanese Consul in Harare, Zimbabwe, who spoke as a guest of honor, said artists are “symbols of peace in South Sudan, because they love peace and tranquility.”

“Now it is time for us as artists to sing for peace and people will listen to the voices that are singing for peace and they will bring lasting peace. We should sing and search for peace nothing else, all of us, let us search for peace anywhere, whether at the national dialogue, or local dialogue or whatever forum people organize, let us go there for peace”, Mr. Kizito stressed.

Next Sunday the same venue will witness performance by veteran South Sudanese musicians: General Paulino Meseka, the owner of popular album “Lokole”, Diplomat and Musician Kizito Candido Wako, the owner of popular album “Beledi Mati Kori Kerijin Yawde,” Colonel Mido Dedi, the Coordinator of Yei River State in Juba and Mr. Edward Lino the veteran Luwanga Jazz Band vocalist amongst others.


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