Believe it or not, this country has a potential

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

There are things in this country that can make one think the opposite of positive and successful living. Among such things is the fact that there seems to be no sign of any change right from the family or community ways of living to the structure and mode of governance. How many have seen that aside from the national failure, there is also registered failure among families and communities? And this proves that surely charity must always begin at home. If there is unity and success among family members, it is right to say that there can also unity and organization at the national level. So if one wishes to have their country united and peaceful, starting it at the lowest gathering unit called family or community is the best and advisable way.

However, the fact that our country is now a victim of disunity and tribal conflicts must never make one conclude that all will ever be the same. Why do I say this? Our country is neither the first nor will it be the last to have the hearts of her citizens filled with hatred, corruption and greediness. I have seen young people being frustrated. But despite that, they feel that patience will profit them nothing. Some have joined in this game to participate in corruption and tribal hatred. But as said that the future of any country is shaped by the old and belongs to the young, we must never forget the real truth behind this saying. Young people live to enjoy the fruits of their parents’ struggle but other times, have to correct.

The young people live to be independent decision makers should the old ones run short of thoughts. But there is one thing that makes young people successful or not when making their own decisions; they must always use the past as their guidance in devising new ways or styles of living.

 It is true that no one is perfect apart from the heavenly creator and as such, we find that the ways of our elders may be of corruption, hatred and disunity. It would make one as them if they feel impatient and try to follow these ways. The bible says that patience pays and it makes the best out of any person. The moment we wait good things come to us and through diligent waiting; we tend to prepare ourselves for any change. Why would one then, think that the change is slow and follows the ways to destruction? Why would one not see the potential and also foresee the good things coming forth from it? This should be an appeal to the young people of this country that being impatient pays never and that it tends to lead us to where we never expected. Our thoughts and actions must never be affiliated to any political party or individuals but instead, it must stem from our nationalistic and humble souls; thoughts that do not divide but unite people. In other words, our interests should never be self-centered that we will have to join a party in order to get positions, ranks and money. This is what is killing and burying the bright future of young people in this country. However, to solve this or not, the young people must believe or not that this country has a potential. Let us see this potential with our own eyes.

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