Believe and receive

By Akol Arop Akol
Believe in who you are and what you do. This means trying to look at personality as an individual. Do you know that you are a different person from others? You have never lived before and so you have to focus on who you are as a unique human being. You are here for the first time in the world for a mission to accomplish. Think and realize that God has taken enough time and special creativity to design you.
Though you may sometimes look and compare yourself with fellows, the conclusion is that you are a wonderful creature. No one can be you as well as you cannot be someone else. At times, a situation will come when you view yourself minor or not capable of doing something successfully like what people around you do. You will take others more special than you. But why? Are we not equal?
In order to let you feel confident and contented with life and all its chances that it provides, you need to believe that you are a better person who is able to do something and achieve it. There is something special about you that you don’t really realize. Maybe what you do or say or how you physically look.
The way you talk or walk can amuse others when they look at you. They may want to see you or like to hear your conversation always. They would friendly want to know good things about you. But what happens when you lower yourself esteem and behave in an isolated manner? They may want to compliment you but the aggressiveness on your face makes them afraid. You therefore need to show peaceful signs or behaviors that allow easy interaction between you and strangers.
Therefore, interaction with others should be your daily routine. Meet with new people but don’t break up with old people even if there are confusions among you. What is that you need to believe and receive? It is anything that you want in your life which you are not confident of. I mean when you are struggling for something that is difficult to get, you have to hope that it will happen exactly as you have planned.
For example, you need to get money, a house, good friend or maybe marriage, how do you start and end? You need to set goals and fulfill them according to the important priorities. Write them down and always pray over for God’s protection and blessing. When you start running your life affairs believe in your self-ability but make your creator the leader in every step. If others did, can’t you also do? Or if others have tried and failed, do you want to surrender after failing the first attempts? Keep trying.
Sometimes you grow up in an environment where you always connect with inspiring people who often give you positive compliments that encourage you. They would build confidence in you. But you will also find wrong-minded people who don’t like attainment of others. When seeing you trying and succeeding, they keep telling you negative words. They may say you are weak, ugly, rude or unable to do something. And their perceptions about you may stick into your mind and you then become hopeless.
Ask yourself, do they know you better than you know yourself? You are the dictionary to give right personal definition. Today make sure that you are peaceful and mindful by living an honest and respectful life that makes you socially wanted and cheered by those around you by knowing what you want before outsiders’ expectation. Through your faith everything will work. No matter what you want to be or quantity of possessions you want to own, the key or logic is to know that you have a power and ability to do wonders. When God gives you a chance, grab it usefully and believe you will make it through hard times to paradise of success.
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