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Being abandoned will not stop me from remembering martyrs

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Gen. Alfred Ajoung

The abandoned Sudan People Liberation Army/ Movement (SPLA/ SPLM) liberator Lt. Gen Alfred AJoung Makuer said even if he is deserted by the Kiir’s government, him and his colleagues would continue to remember and celebrate the martyr’s day.

“We will celebrate the martyr’s day to remember our colleagues and comrades whom we lost during the struggle even if some of us are still alive and do not have Jobs,” said Makur.

General Makur who joined the movement earlier in 1983 from Bor town at pochalla village under battalion 105 with late Kerbino Kuanyin Bol, revealed that most of the groupsthat theyjoined with, are no longer alive.

He added that those who were alive now in battalion 105 and 104 were very few and many of them haveno Jobs or assignments in the army.

He said despite being first battalion to start shooting in Bor town, their colleagues with them by then in bush abandoned them under trees.

He narrated that by thenthey were very close friends withPresident Salva Kiir during the liberation until 2005.

“After the independent of South Sudan, they lost contacts with President because the government is controlled by those who came from London and Khartoum including those who were refugees in East Africa,” Gen. Makur disclosed.

He further added that their vision and mission was to liberate marginalized people in the whole of Sudan.

“Of course, we did it, that is why we achieved independence of South Sudan, even if we celebrate under trees without Jobs, we still feel happy.” He added.

He saidthat people who were enjoying the government those days never knew that one day, South Sudan would be independent Country like now but through our sacrifices, that is why we have it.

He appealed to the President and other liberators not to abandon widows, orphans, wounded heroes and liberators because they are symbols of South Sudan history. 

Makuer pay tribute to late Dr. John Garang de mabior, KerbinoKuanyinBol, WilliamNyounbany ,Arok Thon Arok and Yar Marial Arol from Katiba Banets any many comardes who lost lives including wounded.

He encouraged liberators to take pride of liberating their people from marginalization in Sudan even if they do not have food, house and Jobs adding that does not matter because they country already belong to them.

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