Behaviors towards others

By: Akol Arop Akol

When people tend to criticize our behaviors and judge us, we wish they could first know who we are and what kind of personalities we have. If they see and treat us like the poor, we wish they should first know our rich-talents, skills and plans that we hope to utilize to make us prosperous.

We also try to be generous and expect others to appreciate our personalities. But we may not understand one another because of dissimilar views. Here, we have three categories of people: There are those born-good, there those born disciplined to be good and those who pretend to be good.

All of them behave different and they expect different treatments from people they associate with in life.

Now you and I become one group and those outside there are different groups. Therefore, how do we want to be treated? Do we treat others as we want them to do us back? Do we have good behaviors towards them?

We feel offended when our mistakes are corrected by others. That is why we try as much as we can to have good manners in public such that other people praise us or avoid them from abusing us based on our deeds.

But one thing we forget is uniqueness in other people’s personalities and behaviors. We forget that they have strengths and weaknesses in their lives. Maybe someone is handsome or beautiful and he or she could attract people but the ugly words uttered out can offend and hurt us.

But do we have to treat them as they treat us? Some of them might have been badly or poorly raised up without basic needs, mental and emotional support. Maybe also, they were not having parental care from where they grew up and that affected their lives.

Every human being has strange behaviors but what matters is how we respond to them. If they misbehave and gossip or insult us and easily forgive and forget, they will slowly understand and refrain from their wrong doings.

In order to avoid tension between us and others, we must behave not only according to how they behave towards us but be always positive and tolerant when interacting with them.

We live in diversity where environments, cultures, beliefs and standards of life differ. Everyone is behaving in a particular way that makes him or her happy. They also have their own interests. Some people behave recklessly to show that they don’t care and not ready to do any favor for others.

When people fail to show moral self-conducts, it does not mean that they are evil, but the environment where they were raised up in and wrong people who surrounded them might have influences in their lives.

By having positive manners towards them despite their negativities, they would be able to change.

When we treat people with respect, we shall have chances of making them best friends. Our peaceful and friendly behaviors will win their hearts.

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