Befriending a lawyer is worthy.

By Malek Arol Dhieu.

Having a lawyer as a friend has no difference with having best friend. It is up to a lawyer or a doctor to terminate one’s life or not but this doesn’t happen because of ethics and oaths. For this reason and others, colleges of Law and Medicine top all the universities. When economists commit crimes, they are taken to lawyers in courts for judgement, when doctors commit crimes, they are too taken to lawyers for judgement, and so do other specialists but when lawyers commit crimes, they are not in turn taken to economists, doctors or other specialists for judgement, rather they are taken to other lawyers for judgement. Lawyers on the other hand come to doctors when they fall sick to get treatment, so the closeness of law and medicine is paramount. Doctors and lawyers overlap in a few areas of work such as when a prison inmate suddenly dies, a doctor is called to ascertain the cause of the death autopsicly. So as not to be victimized for tracing out only the mutual relationship of law and medicine, all specialists of different fields are interconnected in one way or another. They have mutual linkages that cycle in a coordinated way. The dismay comes in only when law professionals are handcuffed not to exercise their profession to the fullest like for the case of South Sudan where lawyer profession is deathful. Needless to say, a number of law professionals and traditional judges are roaming in the hell now because of their fair judgements. Of course, all professionals are short of exercising their profession because of fear that they become victims at zero minute. For instance, accountants and finance officers in the military feel living only in the absence of salaries but when salaries are brought, they almost say their last words to their dearly ones before starting paying soldiers their salaries and this is not partly their making. It is the making of somebody who often travels to abroad during salary payment or increases his bodyguards in expectation of an attack by an unsalaried soldier or group of soldiers. Doctors on the other hand are back-friended when patients rushed to them late die or call patients to tell them the prognosis of their illnesses. So who’s not in jeopardy? I befriended a lawyer not to defend me later when I may commit a crime but to understand one thing or two, how do lawyers feel when they sentence convicts to death, especially death by hanging? I know these convicts sentence themselves to death right from the very moment they commit crimes and sentences are done according to crimes committed, but human life is so valuable that putting it to an end is shortly followed by a regret. I happened to see a corpse of a convict hanged in 2012, all the joints have loosened especially the atlanto-axial joint at the base of the spinal cord which is the target region for suffocating the brain. It still shivers me now when I remember it. Anyway, there’s no much questioning as it’s profession. Another very important thing I wanted to know and actually become part of, is the case-solving, especially complicated cases that people think they won’t be solved. One complicated case I heard when I was a boy was a case of a horse that went to graze under a tree where beehive was hanged, bees sensed it and sent a team to sting it until it (horse) ran away speedily. As it ran away, it knocked down a boy to death, the father of a boy caught the owner of the horse and the owner of the horse said if it were not bees, my horse would not have run to knock down a boy, the case became so complicated until it was rushed to judges to solve it. Having Jesus as friends, I feel like I am done with both heavenly and earthly achievements people and Bibles always talk about. I feel like I’m above all earthly inhabitants but less than God and His begotten son, Jesus Christ. Law firms officiated by lawyers are offices for life saving, life enhancing, reformations, teachings, counselling and many more such as ownership of a lost or grasped property that enliven the hopeless owner. I don’t stand to be corrected when I say lawyers in South Sudan are perfect, it’s situation that perfects their profession. If perfect judgements are deemed imperfect and bribable, how about imperfect judgements themselves? So it is better for a lawyer to always judge a case judiciously and fairly so that when he/she is killed, he/she is killed for nothing but the truth.   

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

He can be reached at ourbankiscow@yahoo.com or +211922332811.

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