Something seems to be wrong in Lobonok area where four young men were brutally killed and their remains thrown in the bush to be discovered by area residents later. The security organs have not come up with tangible action leaving the residents in fear of the unknown. The area member of parliament who publicly reported the matter claims that those behind the butchering innocent lives are knownand are walking free in the area. If this report is anything to go by then the security organ have a number of questions to answer and if not the same organ must get deep down to investigate the murders. There must be law and order in the society which should be applied to such cases and which protect the rights of all citizens. Taking away a human’s life for any reasons is not accepted and not permitted unless it is proven beyond reasonable doubts that that person is guilty and deserve to die. The crime of wanton killings seems to be taking place at an alarming speed in parts of the country. In the Lake States, reports of the killings seems to be the order of the day. Almost all because of cattle raids. The authorities should concentrate and stamp out the behaviours. The Lobonok incidences are purely between cattle keepers and local farmers whose crops are being destroyed. The presidency once told the cattle keepers to go back to their locality but they have not been able to do so. The State government should be in control and ensure they carried out the order requiring the cattle keepers to leave the area. It is not impossible to harmonize the move without creating fracas. The laws of humanity should be applied when directing the move. But one thing for sure the killings of innocent people some in their prime age must be stopped.

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