The regional security surveillance is critical with critical this time around with what is going on. Some people with bad intensions may take the advantage of the unrest and penetrate into the midst of the innocent citizens. More so with the month of December at the corner where people are preparing for the Christmas festivities. What happened in Kampala should be an eye opener to the security agents who should be on guard at all the time and deploy high standard of watch by hawked eyes security officers who should not chance anything suspicious. It is precaution which should be applied within the apparatus of the regional security organs and even beyond. The regional security chiefs have time and again met to discuss and organize foolproof surveillance across the border. True these meetings have intensified the regional operation and cooperation moods. There should be tight security that would deal with any situation within a short period of time. It was very unfortunate that bomb blasts that had been the order of the day though militia groups are trying to penetrate the region through their suicide bombers regional neighbours should coordinate and cooperate towards eradicating crime in and within their own boundaries. Joint operation among the member countries should be seen to be spearheading the fight against and crime that are disastrous the peace in the regional bloc. There have been cases of human trafficking, illegal killing and exportation of wild animal parts, illegal mining of natural resources and other crimes which are dangerous to the economic growth. These are activities that should be fought regionally Collectively the security organs in the region are capable of containing any situation but they need to first do their ground work diligently and accurately. These criminals are people who are living among others and behave like normal people although they are having their own agenda of destroying others and causing hostile situations.

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