BEDA ON AU-to run South Sudan elections

By Gilo Jr. Okwata

The leadership of National dialogue lost trust on South Sudan electoral institution by asking AU to conduct general elections in the Country.

 The Co-chair of the National dialogue steering committee, Angelo Beda has called on the African Union (AU) to facilitate the process of general elections in South Sudan.

South Sudan is supposed to hold general elections in three years’ time after the end of transitional period.

Speaking after the meeting with the Interim Chairperson of Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (R-JMEC), the co-chair stated that the election had to be facilitated by a neutral body to meet the acceptable standard of credibility, fairness and transparency.

“So we call upon the African Union, the IGAD and also telling our government to accept the fact that the elections should be done by a neutral body and we the members of National Dialogue are not politicians, we stepped out of the politics but we want elections to be free, fair and the results accepted. We told our President that the upcoming elections should be run by African Union to produce the leaders that we want without disputes,” Beda said.

Beda added that he decided to meet R-JMEC Interim Chairperson to raise issues relating to elections and the implementation of peace agreement, stating that if peace process continued to face some difficulties and wrangles among the parties it would create unfavorable environment for elections to be done as enshrined in the revitalized peace agreement.   

On his part, the Interim Chairperson for R-JMEC, Maj. Gen. Charles Tai Gituai (rtd), stated his support for National Dialogue initiatives and peace process, underlining the position of R-JMEC on matters of elections which had to be within the framework of the document of the Revitalized peace agreement.

 “As you know, we as R-JMEC are here to monitor the implementations of these documents and therefore, we have listened to what they have said but we have told them that the national dialogue can go on; we have no problems with that. But when it comes to the making of the constitution, the requirement here is covered under Article six; chapter six of this document is very clear on the issue of constitution and national election which is covered under Article 1.20 of this document,” Gituai stated.

The implementation of the revitalized peace agreement is behind schedule in accomplishing the establishment of the mechanisms for transitional institutions and commissions.

 Article 1. 20.12 of the Revitalized Peace Agreement states that the National Electoral Commission (NEC) shall invite and accredit competent and impartial national, regional and international observers to monitor the conduct of the entire electoral process in accordance with the provisions of the amended National Elections Act.

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