Beauty pageant can build peace –Miss Universities

By: Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Mister and Miss South Sudan Universities said engaging young people in beauty pageant was the best way to build peace and social cohesion among South Sudanese communities.

Asunta Akon Jueny, Miss South Sudan Universities said it was high time to ensure that up growing women were brought on board through interactive platforms like Fashion show to build peace.

She was speaking during a get-together party hosted by Miss and Mister Universities (MMU) Company on Sunday in Juba for Miss and Mister South Sudan Universities.

“As a young woman growing up, the platforms like this initiative makes us feel so much happy and I feel like it is the right time for us to get up and do something for our people’s welfare,” she said

“These platforms give us chances to open up to the issues and problems that we are facing in our lives,” Ms. Jueny added.

She stated that women empowerment was supposed to top priorities list across the country since women were backbones of the society.

“It is not just empowering women only but it is another way of us building the peace. Without women, do you think building peace in a positive way can be achieved? So we have to involve women in platforms like this and make them priorities in this country,” Ms. Jueny narrated.

She advised citizens to take such initiatives like peace building mechanisms, adding that it was the high time to support one another in life.

William Nyuon, Mister South Sudan Universities said perfecting the lives of indigenous was a way forward to building up growing young generation. 

“I have been dreaming of how to support children and vulnerable group but since I have been crowned Mister Universities of South Sudan, there are a lot of things that I am interested in executing especially supporting future learning centers for the children and elders of South Sudan,” he said

He said that he was interested in collaborating with the education stakeholders to see how to raise the learning of the young generation.

“Education can change your lives and it can also make you to build peace. It can completely change our mindsets in understanding and building cohesion among our people,” Nyuon said.

James Akot Manyuat, one of the founders of Mister and Miss Universities of South Sudan, who spoked on behalf of the Company, said the platform was founded in an attempt to embrace tribalism and encourage unity.

“When we found it, we identified as a network where people were drawn from the regions of South Sudan in the perspective of unity towards embracing tribalism and sectionalism,” he said

“We were looking at this initiative as a platform that brings together various tribes, regions and States of South Sudan together under one umbrella,”

He said that their Company was not only specialized in beauty performances but also on cultures preservation and sports wise as well.  

Mr. Manyuat said since inception of the program they had conducted two beauty fashion events and one sport tournament for peace.

“We want to have a South Sudan where we live together without tribalism and sectionalism.”

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