Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

All media outlets in the world are awash with the cases of coronavirus aka COVID-19 which is terrifying the whole world. In every conversation now going on between different people, the disease cannot go unmentioned. The world has come together to agree that there has never been such a case which can simply wipe the globe within one second. Medics and scientists are yet to come out with proven cure or treatment. People are left running amok or wild without direction of the recommended or proven treatments.  Quacks are minting millions from desperate people who would wish they protected and prevented the disease from getting onto their kith and kin. This situation is different from developed countries. In the US where people have been told to remain in-doors until the situation improved, Two trillion USD have been released to cater for each house-hold. In China where it all started, the orient have spent billions and billions to contain the virus in their midst. Other countries in the Far East and the West are in full alert and preparedness against the virus. Italy seems to be a single case of the COVID-19 where it has been reported that the death-toll rotates around 700 to 900 people averagely on daily basis. This is a threatening and worrying death rate for a single country. This makes the disease one of the most dangerous to have hit the world and which could be claiming high number of deaths since it was detected in December last year. Developing countries which are mostly vulnerable and without well-equipped health institutions and proper medical personnel must remain alert and vigilant at all times. Coronavirus is real and it kills. People should equally not rush into un-tested and un-recommended treatments being floated across the borders by people with questionable medical histories. The public should be very careful because in every such situation there are those whose interests are to make quick buck without caring how they made it even if it means causing someone’s death. Let us all reason together and obey the authorities’ orders. Let us all maintain and remain responsible for what we are doing. Let us stop crowding and stop being careless with ourselves and what we are doing. Let us be relevant in helping the government fight the COVID’19. It is real and nobody should give you another reason to think differently. Let us collectively pray so that God the almighty can save the world from this dreaded and dangerous Coronavirus. I strongly believe that God will help us if only we also take the first step to help ourselves. We must abide by the laws and order given by the government aimed at the prevention and control of coronavirus. This country needs every breathing body to remain healthy and able for the task ahead of building the nation under the unity government. Let us all be protectors of one another.    

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