Be working for Development

By: Akol Arop Akol

Many of us have gone to other countries and they have witnessed the development, infrastructure, innovation, technology, Economy (trade), Education and system of Governance and when comparing with our own we have one or two differences that make us think we are less developed country in the World.

There are South Sudanese who have travelled across the World for touring, treatment or Educational reasons. They have opportunity to visit Historical sites and game parks and when they come back home, they swear that they have visited the best places ever in the World.

Indeed they saw how life is there outside, compared to life in South Sudan where everything is said to be complicated. They wish this country could be built beautifully but that wish is still a long dream to come into reality.

Some of us are also watching movies and news about Worlds countries showing their buildings, innovations, technology and industrial products.

It becomes a big challenge to the young nation struggling to stabilize its economy, security and the livelihoods of the people. However, instead of doing the little we can, we are busy with criticism against our own country.

We say Juba does not deserve to be called a city because it has no buildings and all facilities that make up cities. So I ask, can Kampala or Addis Ababa be our Capital City?

We must love where we are. We must be patriotic to accept our country no matter being less developed. We are not left behind because we did not get our independence at once with other countries.

We cannot wish South Sudan City to be like Dubai just in 8 or 9 Years. Though there is competition in technology, politics, trade and education, South Sudan at this time cannot compete with Countries of got their independence 30 to 100 years ago.

Our country is young indeed, but let not this youngness be an excuse for people to stay idle and convince the World. Let the World not considered us as ‘’unable’’ to demonstrate good leadership, manage resources and export our products to the World’s market. 

We have cattle that can provide milk and leather for producing wearable products. We also have Minerals and Agricultural products that if well exploited, processed and exported to the International market we can get hard Currency.

Having all these resources without people to utilize them for development is why we are growing 8 years without schools, health centers, recreational centers, research centers, good roads and infrastructure.

This becomes a challenge for all of us the citizens to make sure we are working for the development our country. Starting with leaders, business people, youth leaders, women and elders, we have to be servants serving our country.

We should be open-minded, peace-loving ad patriotic citizens doing the work that brings development.

South Sudan will eventually grow and become modernized. It requires our efforts of being hard-working, dedicated and patriotic in doing a work that brings development.

There is no one who will improve our politics, economy or education if we are not willingly committed. Be patriotic and do whatever it takes to see a prosperous country in 5 years to come.

If South Sudan is not developed and we missed to enjoy good life in freedom, let us build it for our children.

Let the next generation not suffer again because we are have suffered after independence while our liberators first suffered for 21 years.

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