Editorial 5th July 2018

Something dangerous is creeping silently in the country and if not brought to a stop might be very harmful to the lives of unsuspecting innocent citizens. Sugar, Maize Flour and Rice from a neighbouring country reported to contain harmful substances are reported to be finding their way inwards. All entry points should be alert to prevent these dangerous contaminated and rejected items from entering the country. There are well trained border security personnel who have the ability to stop these inflows of unwanted and inhuman products. Reports from the neighbourhood portrays untold scenario of products and items rejected and turned to their origins at the Mombasa Port, but somehow found their ways again in the country through to the regional markets. The report indicates how the law enforcement in that country in collaboration with the Interpol and regional security organs were all out on war path to stop the spread of the vice in the region and the continent. One fact which must be understood properly is that these items are poisonous and dangerous to all. No amount of time and money should stop this fight. The danger is that the innocent present generation seems to be in great danger and must be protected. The cartel behind this illegal trade is spread across the world and to beat them in their game will need collective approach by all arms of the security organs in the region. The security apparatus should be very watchful because some of the suspected goods and items have been cited in some shelves in the local shops and supermarkets. One such item is the cheap Dana rice which is among the rejects and classified poisonous by experts. It true they should be removed immediately from public shops and supermarkets around the country and the source(s) found and brought to book. There should be no excuse or flimsy reasoning to stop the exercise taking off the ground. The truth is these cartels could be targeting very innocent population and market in the country. Let them be stopped.

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