Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I am of the mind-set category which stands their ground on truth and honesty. Nothing can shake me from this class because life is too short and one needs to live it to the maximum appropriately. This is why when it is no l will always say so. Recent reports of the missing Tarrain Hotel rape and murder case file is one that needs scrutiny and thorough probe. As usual, Amnesty International want the world to believe that a case tried by martial court in an independent country can just have the file disappear in the thin air making it impossible for an appeal to be filed by any party involved. And to make it even worse, the file disappeared after being forwarded to the office of the President. This time around l agree with Minister Michael Makuei Lueth who doubles as the national government spokesperson when he dismissed the so called report and stood firm to defend the government position. Time and again we have been treated to recycled reports tailored to suit the occasion and aimed to tarnish the image of the government with heaps of craps concocted to represent the imagined truth. This country has had too much beating from those believed to be “development partners”. Their intention is to oil their pocket by beating the loudest drum to their masters’ ears. One thing should be understood. The Office of the President is the highest supreme institution in the land. For anyone or institutions like Amnesty International whose pockets are oiled from a far to stand and point a finger to this office is a serious case of abuse of a sovereign nation. It cannot be taken lightly because if they say a file can disappear in or from this office then what they are telling the world is a million of un- echoed words. This is a matter which needs collective approach and reaction and which must be protected with zeal. Interestingly, these negative reports are released mostly at a time when the country is expecting something good to come to the people. This time the reports are being released at a time when the peace process initiated by President Salva Kiir is taking hold and soon to bear fruit of progress. I have been regularly going through some of the so called international institutions reports and l can tell you that l have no love lost for them because their intention is to belittle each and every situation. They mostly do not see the other side of the coin but peg their imaginations in what could please their paying masters. As a country this cannot be allowed to continue because right now every citizen feel safe and happy that at long last, peace is knocking the door and they must open for it to come and stay forever. No amount of pressure exerted by external forces should be allowed to divert the attention of the country this far it has reached. There is a saying that “those who live in glass houses should not throw stones” Stand up and watch these distorted reports and make sure they do not create disunity among the citizens.


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