Be united for the National Dialogue

Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga has urged South Sudanese to coexist in a united way by sticking to the conduct of the National Dialogue as the only opportunity.

Speaking during a thanksgiving ceremony following his attainment of a PhD from Philippines in June, Dr. Igga appealed to citizens not to neglect the National Dialogue.

Dr. Igga told those who still have doubts in the outcome of the National Dialogue that all the resolutions would be fully implemented in order to bring unity in the country.

“We must coexist in a united way otherwise we are finished if we become loyal to our tribes. The National Dialogue is the only opportunity. Let us not neglect it,” he said. The consistent question is that what is the guarantee that the resolutions would be implemented? “There are mechanisms in the National Conference later where you have to come up with monitoring and implementation mechanisms where you will follow the implementation at every ministry,” Dr. Igga added.

Last week, the Chairman of United Democratic Salvation Front (UDSF) Eng. Joseph Malwal Dong said in his own observation, the issues for the dialogue should have been identified before the initiation and subsequent declaration of the National Dialogue in the country.

“The dialogue should be about the issues. He has not identified the issues for which we are dialoguing. He has not identified who is dialoguing with whom? I doubt if it will yield any fruit,” he said. My personal opinion is that there should have been accountability first on what happened in the country before the National Dialogue,” he added.

He said dialogue is about determination of the country’s future.

“That accountability would have now led us to the next phase when we have made ourselves clear that we are guilty or I am guilty and you are wrong or I am right. We put these things aside after our reconciliation and then we can call a dialogue. Dialogue is about our future. How do we move forward to our future?” Eng. Dong said.

“I am for accountability first before the dialogue. That was and still is my position,” Eng. Dong emphasized.

Vice President Dr. Igga appealed to the citizens that the government would increase the supply of food items to reduce the skyrocketing prices of food in the country.

“Our dear women and children, our government knows about your plight and we are leaving no stone unturned to try to improve the situation. We are monitoring if the food supply is low, we are going to increase it,” he said.

Dr. Igga said the government would soon open an internal oil refinery which would reduce on imports.

“We will begin to distribute our fuel here because it is consuming a lot from our little hard currency. We will stop sending hard currency away. So the dollars will be used inside for important government issues and other commercial issues and then we will be distributing our own fuel and then the surplus will be distributed to the neighbouring countries and beyond,” he said.

He said the government would start mining minerals in one month’s time.

Dr. Igga said the Minister of Energy and Mining had already assured the government that mining would start next month.

“So in one month’s time, there will be mining, he (Minister of Mining) assured us because he is a technical person and as this begins to move the economy will begin to improve,” he said.

He urged the citizens to reinforce the efforts of the government to improve the economic crisis by engaging in crop production.

“We must reinforce all that we want to do by cultivation. We should not import everything from abroad my people, please,” he pleaded. “So, everyone must be serious,” Dr. Igga concluded.

By Sworo Charles Elisha





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