Be strong in life

By Akol Arop Akol

People wonder why there is failure in life; they find themselves hopeless to the extent of committing suicide in order to be free from world’s troubles and when someone wants to refuse living, God will make him or her alive.

When people see you loosing hope in life, they will think you have no ability and resource for survival. They may assume you are just poor, lazy and cannot succeed even you work hard. They forget to understand that environmental, social and political factors contribute to the failure of someone’s life.

When life is hard some go strobe but the rest become the victims of poverty and social isolation because it is eminent people who are poor are undermined or not treated like the rest.

This is why people become mentally disordered or those who have given up to strive are living a life full of pain,  distress and hunger,  they get sick and no one treats them but Almighty God keeps them alive to live for Him.

I and you have seen our fellows losing their goals and we sometimes wonder why we are different, is it the same God taking care and providing our needs all?

Are others gifted or talented more than you? Is that why they prosper and live happy live yet unlikely we are on the opposite? Bible says we are in one image and all united by love. This love means to respect, help and care for one another. By sharing life, we are pleasing God to give us more blessings.

I often say humans are equal and placed in the same planet to share resources,  teach and love one another equally but because of the defection of world into continents and moreover divided into pieces (countries) discrimination,  isolation,  exploitation,  division and corruption become the tools of invading and looting certain country’s resources and as a result many countries which were not independent due to colonization by the super powers in the same of delivering humanitarian services to the vulnerable people that is an indirect system of one hand going and other coming become economically weak.

When resources are exploited and looted or misused, a particular Government becomes unable to deliver services to its people. And this lack of protection and provision of public basic needs make the disabled and the financially affected individuals lose hope in life and they give up.

Today life is unfair but no one cares. If a citizen is lacking family and is not able to provide for him or herself,  the last option is run to the Government for support that is a citizenship right.

Maybe you are also affected and maybe losing hope, you are not alone, you have fellows disheartened too. Your problems will not exist for the rest of your time; there is a day to excel in all what you are doing.

The grieve will disappear and joy will be in your life. Despite the situation, change will come so continue being strong in life.

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