Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


Odongo Odoyo

If we must call a spade what it is and not a big spoon, the removal of the former Mayor was inhumane whatever the mistake or slippery floor he had crossed. This is how bitter or sweeter sometime public services can be. The good thing is that both the former and the new mayor have something almost similar and common. They are still young and have a long life a head of them. A god test have been tried on Kalisto Lado and now we have Michael Lado Thomas. It is important to see if the new man takingthe helm of the country’s capital city will live to the expectation of the residents. Time and again mayors have come and gone some within a short period of time and other taking longer in the office but many of them have not made a mark that is accepted and convincing to the tax –payers. Small scale traders’ have never been the darlings of city hall. They have tested and protested the way they were being treated at times being forced to forego the little merchandises that put food on their table for their children. The  game of cat and rat among the traders and the council , hopefully, will be a thing of the past. Tax payers need service delivery not cat and mouse game. Mr. Michael while you are being welcomed in the fold do not look back but do one thing which will impact on the general public and particularly the Juba residents who have heard so many promises that have not been carried out to date. Could they see some changes that would uplift their lives and make them generate their earthly living. My message to you is that there are those watching from a far just for you to make one simple mistake and you will end up in the rooster like others. Can you prove doubting masses that you are made of solid and steel  which you will use to bring development to the residents It is not impossible but this is just a welcome message that you can take or leave. Yes you can take because here we have seen them praised and at the end sent out without the very shouts of welcome that brought them in. Be strong and courageous to face the tomorrow that the Juba residents would want to see positive changes impacted on them and their being.

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