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Be ready to receive opposition -Kiir

President Salva Kiir in honour of the National Anthem (Photo credit: Presidential Press Unit)

By Moses Gum

The President of South Sudan and the Commander in Chief of all the regular forces Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit has directed the police and other uniformed forces to get prepared to receive the opposition members.

Kiir said all organized forces must be ready to receive their brothers and sisters in opposition and unite with them as one people.

“All forces must prepare to receive the opposition forces and other statutory units. You should be ready for integration,” he said.

This is stipulated for and within the framework of the implementation matrix of the recently signed peace agreement.

President Kiir ordered the organized forces to engage in spirit of tolerance and peace with members of the opposition forces when they arrive in Juba.

He confirmed the intention to reorganize the police to provide needs and to facilitate the task of implementing law and fight crimes in the country.

Kiir promised to look into problems facing the organized forces.

President Kiir’s remarks came while briefing the organized forces on the recently signed peace agreement at Freedom Hall on Wednesday.

President Kiir appreciated the police force for their successful operations in curbing the instances of crimes occurring in Juba.

On his part, the Minister of Interior Michael Chiengjiek said the maximum cooperation between citizens and police in apprehending the notorious criminals who were causing unrest in Juba had been of paramount.

He revealed that, some criminals involved in committing crimes including uniformed men had been arrested and were waiting trials.

Chiengjiek pledged for the commitment of police to make efforts to pursue criminals at any zero hour.

However, Chiengjiek outlined a number of challenges facing the organized forces including lack of mobility, uniforms, medical equipment for Buluk Police Hospital among others.

Michael Makuei Lueth, the Minister of Information, Telecommunication and Postal Services, who is also a member of the negotiating team for the revitalized peace agreement stressed the need for training the organized forces so as to prepare for transitional period.

“Organized forces must be trained well in preparation for the transitional period and the upcoming elections,” Makuei said.

The briefing was attended by the Presidential advisor on Security Affairs Tut Gatluak, Minster for National Security Isaac Mamur, Minister for Wildlife Conservation and Tourism Jemma Nunu Kumba and officers from the organized forces.

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