Be proud

By Agar Mayor Gai

In this world, as I have always said, God has created us differently with different talents. He has also gone ahead to place us in distinct localities of which these localities differ in terms of nature and what they possess. Our nation for that matter is so different from other nations in terms of location, natural resources and the cultures of the people which make up our population. And it is for this fact that we, as South Sudanese people have to see and compare what we have with other nations.

Thereafter, any one will not be wrong to say that the sixty four tribes of this nation are blessed. Starting from the geographical location and size, the natural resources and the diversity, we are the only country and people in this world that any person will ever wish to be part of. But though, always seeing our people killing one another, putting in to pockets what belongs to the nation is a sign that we are not at a contention with what we have. We do not eye the importance of the sixty four tribes; we do not know that the resources which we have are enough for all of us.

We, in our hearts, do not believe in our capabilities and possessions and that is why when a South Sudanese opens up a shop in this country, no one buys from him just because we do not have a belief in ourselves. I have personally experienced this happening in one of the places in our city where I had opened up a home sales shop. In less than two months, the shop collapsed because no one was buying from me. They wanted things sold by Eritreans or Darfureans and not from a South Sudanese.

We believe and think that what a Ugandan, Kenyan, Eritrean or any other foreigner does is the best to make use of. This is the reason why all the businesses have been taken up by foreigners and citizens go for government positions. However, some people are not to be blamed for wanting government jobs. It is because of the frustration they get from their own brothers and sisters in businesses which makes them to seek for job that protects and preserves their respect and integrity.

But there has been very steep competition in the government job. And as a result, tribalism, nepotism and corruption have now become the order of the day in this country. So for us to get off these things, it should be a work of all to love and work for the nation rather than for ourselves. We ought to be proud of our makings and with that this nation will move to another level. We have to know the goodness of buying things from your country mates that is, you reduce the rate of corruption because that person would no longer struggle for a government job for survival and if he so does, he will not do it with an intention of getting something from the government.

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