Be proud of your cultures

By Agar Mayor Gai

Though pride is considered sinful and a habit that brings about alot of differences among humans, it can on the other hand be a promoter of cultures and norms for a country such that when it comes to competing with other nations, we will have something to present as typical of our people and country.

I wonder why our people go to East Africa and the rest just to return as if they are spies and agents of those countries they went to. They come back not with the eyes of bringing good changes but instead with abusive habits that only aim at discouraging and lowering the status of our people and cultures. This behaviour should not have a room in our minds.

There is no one in this world who progresses in life without having an inner strength and pride about whatever he or she does. No matter how backward our country may be, there are some areas of life that it can do well in. Take an example of intelligence. Our country was recently ranked the leading nation in the whole of East African region with people having the highest intelligence quotient.

Though, we do neglect ourselves and our own capabilities yet in the eyes of the world, they are the leading aspects of real life positivity. The little of what composes us is the one that has made other nations to open the major gates to the shadow of prosperity and justice. In that way, why can’t we, with all the available requirements, also do the same such that our people are liberated from poverty, lawlessness and disunity?

But knowing that this liberation can never get to its being if you and I do not take pride in our cultures and the vast ethnicities that inhabit this land.

It is true that some of our cultures and state of living are not up to the scratch according to the world’s standard but abuse of cultures and the people is not the right way of bringing a positive change to this country. We should not have that feeling of changing everything of nativity to this land but though, if there needs any specific change, we have to do that collectively and wisely such that the people do not lose their stand in this cultural competitive world.

The need for rise in modernity rate is not something of no value. It is a thing that unites and brings together people from all walks of life, people from different cultural backgrounds. However, we have to bear in mind that without cultural orientation, we are not able to catch up with modernity. The reason behind torontoing, robbery and corruption in this country, is because our young people are not culturally oriented at their tender age.

So, when this young population grows up, they tend to act the opposite. They corrupt and do things lawlessly just because they do not know what their culture says about greed and how a young person has to behave in public. Cultures should, for this case, be our guide in all that we do. And also, people have to know that all cultures are the same. No one culture is intrinsically superior to the other.

It becomes a great advantage to countries which have many ethnic groups like South Sudan when all the tribes consider each other’s culture important. In that way, they all enjoy the positive results of their cultural settings together. This though not only, is what our nation direly needs in order for us to have a place in this world of competitions.

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