Be patient in any situation

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

These days there are a lot of difficulties people are facing in lives. If you are not tolerant you may think it is the end of the world. Uncertainty face you as you read the bible, especially Revelation, it revealed a lot of secrets that were prophesied long time ago by prophets. Several of them had happened; others are currently happening or are going to happen.

All those things were happening because we are not listening to God Commands. We commit sins from time to time, which is against God will, for example unnecessarily killings of innocent people. People were killed in order to get money to survivors. Others were doing criminal act as part of their life which is bad and prohibited by laws and God.  Addition to that economic situation made people to get money in wrong ways.

There is no question on how the economy of the country is increasing. The rate of dollars is increasing daily making prices of items in the markets becomes very expensive and you cannot ask authorities.

The victims are the consumers, who are buying meal in the markets in daily bases.  If you go to the market, you sometimes don’t know where to start.  The little money you went with cannot buy items as expected. Due to the conditions evil ideas may come to people’s minds like stealing, if you are tolerant, you cannot think of doing such bad actions. However, be positive in anything you are doing.

Wholly those conditions gamble you as you analyzed them, you may end up talking alone in the market and on the streets, especially women who are buying food for the families. Some people may insult God for the situation not notice that it was created by human beings. Various people may think due to Coronavirus, but it was there before COVID -19. What we can do is to continue praying for the situation with hope that God would make miracles one day.

Generally, the idea of this article is to teach us how to be tolerant under any circumstances. And come out with suggestions that could help us in critical situations.

May God bless us all.

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