Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

In life most of the times l am inspired by many good words that comes either directly or indirectly from friends and even foes. It is not common that one can hate everyone unless there are some un-answered questions in one’s background. As l pen this column, let me share something for today just a short one. “Strong man knows how to keep his life in order. Even with tears in his eyes, he can still say, I am fine with a smile. I have chosen this line of thought because you are a strong man.  Can we share it with others, particularly, my sister Lily Albino, deputy Minister for Information? I want to assure you that you are doing very well as the deputy Government spokesperson when your boss is on other important national duties in and outside the country. You are doing well when briefing the media after the weekly Council of Ministers meeting. But l must tell that you are not doing very well when a media house wants a comment from you on matters of national importance. It is always filling the visitor’s form and be kept waiting for even up to two or more hours without being seen, it has happened to me and two other colleagues on different occasions. This is where your boss, Michael Makuei Lueth is rated top because he always respond to national issues anywhere any time. Lily, women are now advocating for the 35 percent and equality. It is time you take members of the press as friends not enemies. We are all talking peace and in the absence of proper and correct information, some sections are bound to disseminate inaccurate and un-balanced information. We need to walk the talk and this should be for all in both public and private institutions. We cannot reach the set up goal or required destination if we are not walking the same talk collectively or together. This is how the leadership and President Salva Kiir managed to work hard collectively to achieve and win the cause of peace for all. Let all those holding or heading public and private institutions give out correct information, even if bitter but the truth to be for public consumption. We are all winners where good work is done and result positive for the benefit of the country. It should not be left to one person alone. To win a relay race the team must be prepared to start running very fast to pass the mantle to the next mate. This is what we should be doing, an open society with open information will always be the winner even in the eyes of those hell bent to tarnish its image. These categories are many outside there and just waiting for a slip of the tongue to advance their ill motives. There cannot be any good reason(s) why some external organs are spreading unfounded rumours based on illusions and intended to dent the image of the country. Each one of us has a duty to safeguard against such rumours and this is why the country’s Media Authority has come out with punitive measures against such matters made in the public domain. There is need for transparency and accountability in the public institutions. These can only be achieved if those responsible could be giving the media the right information at the right time. It is illogical to ask the media to be accurate and balanced if the information they want are not given at all or given at the wrong time. Let us all be transparent.



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