The issue of child marriage is not new and a lot have been said, workshops, training and seminars held to discuss the matter as special topic of those events. It is therefore glorifying that the government through the Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare has come out with a clear message that the country was fighting to end child marriage and gender based violence. In most cases, child marriage is associated with girl-child but there are reports that in some localities young boys were equally being forced in marriage at tender-age. They are forced to become fathers when they cannot afford to provide for their young families forced on them. The ministry should therefore address all forms of child marriage and gender based violence without leaning on one side. They should equally find out and audit the activities of some local and international NGOs and organizations which have been in the forefront making so much noise about the same but doing very little to help contain the situation. There must be some positive results from the events they have been organizing with donor funds that should impact and prove fruitful to the country. While the government is on it and using the little revenue, these NGOs are experts in holding meetings in big hotels at the expense of providing service where it is needed badly. Time has come, as the Minister of Gender Nunu Kumba pointed out that collectively the war should be fought to bring the practice to a possible end. This will only come true when these NGOs and institutions work together with the government towards this goal. The youth are the future of the country and firm foundation and proper education should not be compromised. Let all key players advocating against child marriage and gender based violence be real in doing their work.

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