Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Something very interesting and which should be looked into keenly did happen in Juba on Tuesday at the European Union compound. They raised the Ukraine flag in support of that country which was a symbol of standing with them in solidarity against the Russian invasion. I really don’t mind them doing that but what troubled my mind is them asking this country and Africa to stand with them. Politics and diplomatic approach is not my dish of tilapia. I detest that kind of call because it is not honest and did not go well. They should not call us just because we are members of the UN or have diplomatic relations with EU. A friend in the diplomatic circles asked me one question which turned my mind racing to realities. As we talked he sounded his concern that if what was happening in Eastern Europe was happening in Africa would the E.U have raised the flag and given a clean indicating example of what happened in Libya. I remained tongue-tied as he left me to go about his mandated business. It brought fresh memories of the past into my mind and started seeing the logic of my friend’s reaction. Why should the E.U want us so badly to support their cause of action in a far placed country? I remember the First and the Second World Wars in their history and vividly came to understand the economic cold war of yesteryear. As a country and a continent, we have our own minds to lead us into making independent decisions without being coerced and mind-boggled with external interests. Where sovereignty is concerned there must be no double side plays to benefit an individual. Nobody in his or her right mind wants any war anywhere in the world. People need peace to co-exist worldwide. This should be deep in our thought to enable a peaceful global lookout.  The truth of the matter is that the Russia-Ukraine war is man-made for a purpose and that purpose is well known by the West and East Europe. Someone is keenly watching from UN headquarters and the NATO base. It could be the test of the titanic to measure power and their latest warfare design for a human being. Do we really want to be drawn in it and if so in what capacity and for what benefits. I think we have learned a lot of lessons from the external influence that we do not need more. These external interests have caused us so many problems that if possible should not be repeated and be avoided at all costs before they creep out of their mothers’ wombs. No amount of persuasion should expose us as prey of some hidden hawks hovering in the sky. Above all our integrity and sovereignty must be respected at all cost and all the time now and in the future.

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