Juba Monitor’s Editor In Chief and Managing Director, Anna Nimiriano Siya left the country yesterday for USA for yet another international recognition. This is going to be her fourth award this year with the global touch. Juba Monitor fraternities are happy and wish her all the best to this new found level. The recognition is not for Juba Monitor but it is for the whole country, particularly women who are striving to equally do what men can do for the exposure and development of the country. Where she will be, in Washington DC, Los Angeles and New York, the image of the country will stand with her. It will not be Anna but South Sudan. At this time the country is being represented in another forum with a different touch from the media circles. Those in the US where she will be hosted and back home should stand with her because she will be like goodwill ambassador for all. It has been a long journey but it is an indication that something good can come out of here and be recognized worldwide. Let her bring honour and glory as media practitioner to this country. The story of Anna is like a testimony that whatever one does, do it good and the reward will come your way. This exposure of hard and committed work has seen her criss-cross the heights not for self-glory but for commitment to her media work and development of the industry which is still young and growing in the country. Being a journalist, come back with new ideas and what it takes to improve and develop the media industry in the country. For Juba Monitor and the whole country wish you safe journey to and from the USA. You are one of the prides of the nation.

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