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With Odongo Odoyo

When l woke up yesterday morning, the first call l got was from my last born son. He is no longer a young man having graduated from Nairobi University in 2016. He was full of good wishes as he told me that we have been the best parents. At first l did not click or the praises did not ring a bell to me but l knew the young-man did not just wake up to wish me the wishes from nowhere. Yes, it was international Parents’ Day. The boy had made a mark and was assured that he had done what other age-mate did to their parents. The wishes were flowing in and l remembered even at my old age, l still had my aged mother although my father had long passed on. It was a challenge that l had forgotten this important day until the reminder from my son. Thanking son but this time, l wished my mother the best Parents’ Day, wishing that my dad was still alive. They brought us up in a Christian and a disciplined manner that we were always forthright to our cause. Yes, they were the best parents we had and although one is gone, the old mom still has time to put a call through and talk to me. What a wonderful gesture. It is a challenge to the old and the young who did witness the day to recap what they did to their parents living or gone. Parents are people we treasured so much that without them bringing us up, there is very little if any for one to do. We have to accept that even though we are now parents, we are so because at one point or another belonged to parents. It is sad and really sad that some children, although may be adult now, grew up without parents or if any with single parent due to uncontrollable circumstance. They have not been able to know the protection and the sweetness of having parents. This we cannot debate on because it is according to the almighty that all of us will one day or another leave behind us the loved one. These are circumstances which we cannot avoid because they are very natural.For those who are unfortunate, make life with your heads up and be sure that the almighty will come your way. It is of importance to thank God where he has done something to you. Because only him can give and take. I have labored and come out with some few quotes, messages and poems of the UN Parents Day which has come this far to be understood and celebrated worldwide. For the young ones who are coming up now, take it upon yourselves to have the family root and discipline that would make you the future role models to your generation and beyond.

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