Be courageous in academic endeavours


By Franco Ringo Duel

This article looks at how the role of courage in the classroom can be linked to academic performance and engagement. It examines four approaches to school-work in high school which are courage, confidence, avoidance and helpfulness.

Courage is defined as preservation in the face of academic difficulty and fear. On some important outcomes, including the achievements in literacy and numeracy, courage is the most effective approach as confidence. And on other outcomes, confidence is more effective. However courage and confidence are linked to positive educational outcomes.

This study is significant because it shows that courage is also an educational effective response particularly in the face of fear and anxiety. The wonderful news for students, their teachers and parents is that if students who lack confidence can be given strategies and the encouragement to persist, they can have good academic outcomes indeed, matching that of confident students at the same level of ability. Confidence may not always come easily to students so it is heartening.

In our country now, many students are working hard and we have good percentage in the university, high school and primary. So my advice to students including me is that we should work hard so that we will be able to bring success into our daily life and this requires unity and peace in our country.

Our parents at this time are not the same like those of ancient time because those people of the past couldn’t allow their children to go to school because it was meaningless to them. But now everyone is seriously sending his or her child to school to study.

To tell you the truth, the time I was in the village my uncle told me that I should take cattle to Gokmachar a certain place in our state. I asked him what about my studies and he told me to be back after three months. That time I went to Gokmachar with cattle and I spent something like five months, and the time I came back to school to register, teachers said I was late and that at least I should join the following year.

That time I felt sad because I wasted one full year without studying. This should be a lesson for present people to learn something.

Our dear parents; send your children to school so that they can bring peace and unity through education and to develop our country. Some years back there was one of my age-mates who told his father that he wanted to go to school but his father replied “don’t waste time to say you are going to school, first of all look at the population which is in schools.” Some are in university, high school and primary where do you think they will get jobs?

Professions are different and many, let them study whatever they want to be in the future, hard work pays. So my people let us send children to school.


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