Odongo Odoyo

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With Odongo Odoyo

I was having mixed feeling whether to or not to when the announcement of vaccine roll-off came into being. I had heard too much stories and wondered if it is of any use to have the vaccination. You see with age l should have been considered among the early categories to be in the first line. But with all these rumours, l was not very sure if l wanted to or not. I was waiting for someone to notice me but all proved nil. I was considering myself left out but still with hope that someone would come my way. True there have been so many stories about the vaccines that it only takes one’s heart to make decision on what one would wish to do. There are reports of blood clots, some have side effects throughout the body. Doctors and researchers are yet to come in the open to tell the world which of the vaccines is pure and approved 100 percent. While it is being administered, caution must also be taken especially for those of old age. The seriousness of coronavirus cannot be over emphasized. The pandemic is real and killing. Therefore with the current and present situation, one has to make a personal and positive decision. I have heard in the corridors of medics that proper research of any vaccines cannot take less than five years. All the vaccines produced have taken far less than the required period. I am also told that the vaccines being administered are not for immediate cure but for reducing the life span but one has to remain following the preventive measures. I am told that after the first vaccine, one has to take about eight weeks to go for the second one which would build immune or anti-body system. Sorry guys’ l am not a medic but all these are really confusing. I want to be told the correct position. I am told one person has died in a neighboring country after being vaccinated and that somewhere in Europe several cases of negative reactions have been reported some fatal. I am told that in the same Europe more that 20 million doses of vaccines have gone to waste after being mixed with l do not know what. I am told people of my age bracket are very venerable and medics have proved that they are easily affected by these side effects. These are all confusing, therefore like believing in our creator God, one has to search one’s soul to be or not to be, although they say that prevention is better than cure. We should take it with solid caution and let God take care of the rest. In the meantime, preventive measures requirements as outline by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Health must be adhered to for our own good. Many people are not following the measures and are exposed to Covid-19 danger.

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