Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I remember warning in this column our youth who are thirsty for education to be careful of the institutions they are applying for to join, more those private or being advertised through different media outlets, l received a number of calls complaining and asking questions why l was spoiling their businesses. It is not business we are talking about here. It is the future of the youth and this country. Are we laying firm foundation for them by giving them proper education in approved and standard institutions? One time a friend asked me why l always advocate for the good of the youth and not otherwise. The truth is l have lived my time and must be prepared to live behind a legacy. That is why the youth will always remain my source of aspiration by telling them to do the right thing at the right time. Let us not be selfish and think that we shall not need them in the near future. You will only be cheating yourself. We are all on a journey and only time will tell when we reach our destiny. Back l have to tell the youth a sad story of one institution that advertised its activities in the media and on applying for the so called scholarship, the youth who did so were met with a shock. Before they saw lucrative scholarship of almost 18,000 USD for four years, they were told to pay 300 USD each for the up-keep of some so called six officials who were sent from God knows where, to come and vet them and their applications. I have known that con-games come through many routes. Some through luxurious mode while others through panya (rat) routes. A country to country scholarship always comes through government to government and must. I repeat must go through normal channel of Ministry of education of the recipient country. Even international institutions cannot float scholarship in the host country without the attention of that country. This scholarship smelled a rat and it better be investigated and truth found out why the institution which has headquarters and without any link in the country is duping the youth who are being victims because of their thirst for furthering their studies. Three hundred dollars for what? These people are trying to capitalize on the delicate situation in the country to con their way through education which cannot be allowed or tolerated at all costs. The law of the land must come out and catch up with them. Interestingly, there are a number of conmen roaming the streets of this country with counter-productive promises which are obvious lies. A man in tattered clothes and smelly swat walks in the streets that he can double money or help one make a lot of money while he himself needs that more than you. Time is now to be careful of these conmen.

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