Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

When l met the National Chairperson of the National Youth Union, Gola Boyoi Gola on Tuesday my interests came live because of the love l have for the youth and their economic empowerment. Though we met in different circumstance that might not have allowed us to tackle some issues that would be of the interests to the youth, l was not going to let it go without get a word or two from this young man who demonstrated maturity and command of any youth topic brought at hand. I have always read about him and the youth he represents in the main media outlets but not meeting him face to face. This time he came to our offices on a different mission but being the journalist in me, after talks that were based on principles and sharing knowledge on the know-how, l decided that once a news maker walks into you do not give him/her a chance for another tomorrow as a scribe capture the moment and get it out of him. We had finished and shelved aside the reason(s) for him coming to see us and now was the time to tell us why the empowerment and development of the youth was going at a snail’s pace. Why were many youths being branded as spoilers who were fond of causing chaos and being used by some politicians whose agenda we only known to them and not the youths. Why were the youths so choosy and never wanted to soil their hand and instead wanted to go for white collar and governments job which were very few instead of being job creators themselves. What was the union doing to change these unwarranted happenings in the society to be of a beneficial goal to the country. The chairperson’s main desire is to have parliament pass the youth development bill that contain proportions and components that would the improved welfare of the youth. This was the only way to address the moribund of problems the youths are facing in the country. He blamed some politicians who were taking advantage of the youths because of their shortfalls and daily needs to misuse them and do other unwanted activities which were detrimental to the growth of the youths. The hope of many are to get engaged and involved in the development activities, but with economic recession and the corona virus pandemic which have devastated the face of the world economically, the youths indeed needs to be empowered to remain steadfast and self-reliance with brighter future hope. This will be the day all of us has been waiting for when the youths take charge of the affairs of the country and do what is rightfully required by the larger population of the country. Our efforts should be directed into nurturing a future with hope and stability through the younger generation. The National Youth Union and other key players should not shy away from this noble calling, they must stand up and be counted as winners by the future generation.

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