Odongo Odoyo

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With Odongo Odoyo

As the world mourns former Kenya’s president, the late Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi the man from Sacho slopes, a teacher who later became “professor of politics”, one of his desired achievements was to see South Sudan be free and gain its own independence. That long journey was taken and walked to its conclusion by all inclusive. He lived to see this one desire among other national and international succeed. He could have been a happy man if he did not live to see what happened in this country only two years immediately after gaining self-rule. This is not what was expected after the hard struggle which culminated in the death of over two million people living children orphaned, women widowed and a number of people maimed not to know the other side of their independence struggle. Time came to pass and the South Sudanese decided to embark on the journey of restructuring the country in a peaceful atmosphere which was never to be until now.  Credit must go to the leadership under President Salva Kiir Mayardit who has been in the forefront of searching peace with the high hope of bringing the same home to roost. It is effort which has seen him criss-cross valleys and mountains. He has crossed rivers and oceans and has spent sleepless nights in search of the elusive peace which he had struggled to bring home and which is now the expectation of the whole country. It would be proper this time for the whole population to own and belong to this peace which has taken yet another negative toll of life since the crisis of 2013 to date.  This week, a number of activities toward the implementation of the Revitalised Peace Agreement are taking place both locally and outside the country. These are all aimed at the well-being of the people and the nation. It is aimed to ensure normal life was resumed and people went about their daily chores in peace. It is evidently written in the lips and faces of all the citizens. They have been sleeping or walking with one issue in their minds. When shall we have peace to allow us go about our own businesses and that of the country? It is so real that if someone was to divert this cause, he would be labeled a betrayer of the highest order.  Who is out there who want to be labeled that way? Who is out there who do not want peace restored? Who would want to continue wishing the country bad instead of good? You will agree with me that majority are for peace and will support its cause within their own rights. It is therefore the journey that must be taken collectively for the purpose of succeeding. It can only be achieved if every one of us walked and talked the same language of positive peace restoration. Let us all give this time a chance. Remember time is ticking away and the day is soon with us. How would you want to be counted? Like Chinua Achebe, you have to be “a man of the people.”

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