Be a listener not just hearer

By Manyang Awech Awech

It is a magnificent instant to address issues about listening and hearing. The two words are identical, but critically, they are possessing quite differences. Hearing means getting information but not minding about it, while listening refers to putting much attention to comprehend information which you have found. It is too crucial to lend your ears attentively to any individual who wants to tell you something; either predominant or useless talks, then you can sort out what seems profitable and get rid of what is monstrous.

It’s true that people cannot view themselves on the mirror to check their personalities, whether they are good or bad. But they can know their good behaviors when they are appreciated by the righteous ones and their bad characteristics when they also listen to remarks. In work or educational centers, people can know their splendid deeds when their masters complement and their weakness when their masters also comment and then when they listen to advices given to them, there goes success, but when they reject to listen to advices but just hear them, failure becomes their massive ally. It is extremely momentous to listen to others who fancy speaking to you.

Might be they had seen your struggle over certain things and they ought to show you the secrets to thrive over them or encourage you to proceed with the spirits of success. Might be they want to advise you on how to live a grand path that our Almighty Father (God) desires or they need to aware you of the danger which is ahead of you. Might be there is a beneficial information they ought to grant you which would assist you for the rest of your life. Never judge a book from its cover.

Do not look down at anyone and take him/her from appearance, however much someone looks mere, never turn your ears deaf and dishonor. Whether he/she is feeble or young, illiterate or piteous person, drunkard or any other person who seems so useless. It is a disgust manner to ignore others. Demonstrate others respect and listen to them. Do not theorize that if someone looks merely externally, what come internally from him/her are rotten. May be he/she is idealistic person who has predominance ideas which would aid you breeze through difficulties to accomplish your dreams. It is also vital to listen to those who are said to be failures too.

Some say that associating with those who are said to be failures marks the starting point of failure of your winning goals. But that is just a prevarication. It is very important to befriend such folks and open your ears widely to them in order to gain more knowledge on what had led to the downfall of their business and avoid making such errors. And once you prevent making them and thrive over business, it is also crucial to aid them with some capital to reestablish their business, may be they would avoid repeating their previous mistakes and succeed too. Youths do claim that when someone ages, he/she starts misfiring things, but I do say that you should also pay mahoosive attention to the elders.

When someone ages he/she becomes feeble but that does not indicates that he/she also becomes mentally weak or incapable to generate his/her mind to produce precious fruits (ideas). Elders had learnt a lot about life in the globe, they had experienced several complications which face human in life and how they are overcome. But when they advise young men and women, or boys and girls who have just got surprise of the world, on how they should live as young people, they refuse to listen to advices, thinking that they know better,. They could claim that elders are trying to destruct them from enjoying life, moreover their ways of enjoying life are genuinely ways of ruining life. For instance,

Taking alcohols and smoking, joining peer groups and moving to the night discos, getting into fake relationships, moving to the hotels for rotten purposes, and so forth, are what they so call ways of enjoying life, but when elders tell them to cease such manners, they repulse and turn into a conflict between them and elders. You (youths) should listen to the elders and follow the right paths which they show them.

Elders are acknowledged of ways which lead to hell and similarly to heaven. So it is precious to listen to them in order not to fall into hell. Make listening part of your daily practice, Listen to others in order to gain fresh ideas to achieve your goals, get a victory over complex challenges and become a winner. Listen to elegant advices and live a life without regrets.

The writer is student of Juba International Secondary School and can be reached via contact; 0910800200



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