Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

It is good and healthy to be appreciated. That way one normally understands his recognition in the public domain. It makes and gives hope that something good was going on happening to one’s life.  From the regional bloc head of States summit in Addis Ababa, IGAD hails parties to the peace agreement  for having silenced the gun, from New York the UN headquarters did the same and even the European Union (EU), they have similar message to the world that all was going well with the peace process. How the same were different just some few months back with criticism and all manners of threats and command from their mouth pieces. Time can change things and now it has changed those who had been negatively vocal against the country. Time is the best healer and must be respected in all its contexts. I am not so sure but my inner thought and knowledge tells me that the peace process was going on in the right direction, the more reasons now people who were opposed earlier are coming to be part of the winning team. We all want to be winners and by this we all must join the winning team. There are indications that even our brothers who had not made their decisions were moving closer to the game to support the winning team. They should not be left out if they are genuinely willing to join the team and be counted winners. This time round it will be for the benefit of the entire country and the large population who have longed for this time for decades. My inner feeling is that the peace restoration is coming permanently to be with everyone in the country. It has been talked about for long it is time that the real you and me came out to help in the implementation. After all one has to belong and be part of the exercise if they have to succeed in their cause of action. I have time and again said that all must be part of the winning team and this can only happen if and when we are all of the same players’ minds. It is not for nothing that our efforts should not be recognized. Our efforts should be above reproach and be recognized for what it is that is beneficial to the whole country. The truth and honesty should lead the way to this direction. In any delicate situation the only way out is to have faith which has been demonstrated by the leadership of this country and this is why they have managed to bring the citizens this far. Can it be the collective responsibility of everyone now to sing the tune and make this country more prosperous for the better future of all? It can be done and achieved by participation of all without looking back for someone to push you to mover you forward. Be a good player within your team.

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