Battle over Juba tax collection

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Confusion has erupted between Juba City council and South Sudan Business and Employers Federation over who should collect taxes from traders in Juba.

Juba City Council has challenged a move by the South Sudan Business and Employers Federation to register both local and foreign traders.

A document seen by the press indicates that the South Sudan Business and Employers Federation, has been authorized by the national government to register all traders and collect taxes.

Addressing the press last week, Ayii Duang, the Chairman of South Sudan Business Union said the work of Juba City Council was to keep the city clean but not to collect any taxes from traders.

Ayii said tax collection was the work of the union.

After getting assurance from the national government, instead Juba City decided to summon the South Sudan Business Union and cancelled their move to register traders in the country.

“I am getting back to Jubek State, are they not getting their writings from the above authorities,” Ayii said.

Ayii said he was working for the interest of the nation not personal interest.

“We give service to our people and the government because we need the country to move forward.”

Ayii claimed that the deputy mayor for infrastructure has personal problem with him.

“Our problem is a simple issue and personal that relatives can talk about. I was talking to him as some body close to me but he was not convinced,” Ayii said.

Ayii further said that the business community has always stood for peace since the conflict broke out and whatever they do was to recover South Sudan’s economy.

The South Sudan Business Employee Federation had proposed to register all traders in the country where foreign traders were supposed to pay 100 USD and local 7500SSP.

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