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Basic commodity prices drop in Pibor

 By Deng Ghai Deng

 Authorities in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area confirmed that prices of basic commodities have dropped after traders brought goods to the town through Eastern Equatoria State.

The head of Pibor’s Chamber of commerce Zechariah Nyiboy said that prices of food items and other basic commodities shot up after weeks of shortages in the area because traders have had to supply the Pibor market through Eastern Equatoria State after the Juba-Pibor Road was closed due to insecurity.

“A sack of flour was selling at 73,000, a sack of sugar for 73,000, beans for 105,000 and a jerrican of oil for 40,000 SSP. Now the trucks have arrived with goods and the prices have dropped. Now, a 50 Kg sack of sugar and flour dropped to SSP 42,000 from 73,000 some weeks ago while 20 liters of oil decreased from SSP 40, 000 to 28,000.” Nyiboy said

Nyiboy urges national officials in Juba to reopen the Juba-Pibor Road saying prices of basic commodities are still unaffordable for many local residents because of the long hauling distance from Eastern Equatoria state. 

“The issue of Juba-Pibor Road is a work of the government; the national government and the Pibor government. We are waiting for them because we don’t want the civilians to fight themselves on the road. We have only this road through the desert now and there are chances that it may close and the situation will be bad again, so we call on the government to speed up its action of providing the safety for the traders along Juba-Pibor Road.” Nyiboy added

Business owners are calling on the national government to intervene quickly so that traders can stock up on goods before heavy rains make the road impassable. Pibor government official Nyang Korok says the continuous closure of the Juba-Pibor Road has led to suffering among locals.

 “Although there is a drop in prices, our life in Pibor is difficult because of the road closure. Last time the Juba-Pibor Road was closed by armed youth from Bor and it is still closed up to now. A road is government property so we do not understand why the national government is silent over this issue.”  Korok said

LokaliAmae, the chief administrator for the Greater Pibor Administrative Area, says he is engaging national police leaders in Juba to help provide escort for traders along the Juba-Pibor Road.  

“I sent the local government minister and the Pibor mayor to Juba about the issue. They have an appointment with the Inspector General of Police so they will meet tomorrow to resolve the issue.” Amea said

Last month, Greater Pibor Administrative Area authorities said the market ran out of basic goods and prices shot up after the main road linking the Pibor town to Juba closed due to insecurity. 

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