Bari cultural union kicks off coronavirus rural awareness

By Kidega Livingstone

 The Bari Cultural Union started creating awareness on coronavirus in the former eleven counties of defunct Jubek state.

The awareness that was launched in Luri and Ladu counties on Tuesday last week involves distribution of 7,000 of face masks, cartons of soap   and 130 washing facilities.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Chairperson Bari Cultural Union, Emmanuel Laku Sule said this week they would move to the other remaining counties with the awareness while distributing the preventive materials to most vulnerable people in the villages.

“We are going Liria and Rajaf counties to create the awareness, our target is to go deep in the villages because those rural areas there are most vulnerable people when its come to awareness of this coronavirus. We are asking local and Non-governmental organizations and the government to stand with us so that we continue with creating the awareness to our people in the villages, because they do not know how coronavirus is spreading,” added Laku.

He revealed that majority of the people in the rural area are not getting enough information about the coronavirus and they lack the preventive materials that put them at risk of contracting virus. 

As of Wednesday night last week, South Sudan coronavirus cases surprised other East African states after new cases of infection confirmed bringing the total to 994 positive cases.

The Paramount Chief of Luri County, Alfone Legge welcomed the initiative by Bari Cultural Union. He said the group should continue creating the awareness because people in the villages know very little on how the coronavirus infect people.

“This is good initiative for us who are deep in the villages because we used to hear coronavirus from the radios and nobody came and create awareness on this coronavirus and our people here know nothing about the virus,” said Legge.

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