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Bari community vows to work with the gov’t to bring peace

Members of Bari Community in a group photo

By Fatuma Asha Ali

 Bari community in juba Central Equatoria State yesterday vowed to work together with the government to restore peaceful coexistence in the country.

Speaking during the handing over ceremony of the former office to the new one, Steven Pitia Lako, the overall Chairman for the Bari Community said they had noticed the efforts people made towards harmonizing with the government in peaceful coexistence

“We know that people who are here are fighting for peaceful coexistence, which is why the community together with the government is working towards that so that we can restore peace and harmony in the country. We have insecurity problems in certain parts of the areas of Lobonok, Eastern Equatoria in Magwi so Greater Equatoria is not at peace, which is why people are working very hard to address all the insecurity that has been caused by cattle raiders and land grabbers and the cases of child abduction. Lako stresses

He added that the Bari Cultural Union was an offspring of the Bari Youth that furthered the interest and the well-being of Bari Community in terms of development ensuring security and peace of its people in relation to their neighbors.

However, Lado Loro Wani Luwala,the formerSecretary for the Bari Cultural Community underscored that the cultural community consisted of multiple cultural administrations from the eight Bomas and Payams of Bari emerging from the southern part of  Lobonok, Rajaf, Bhugu, and Ghanji to the  Northern part of  Gondokoro, Magala ,Ladu payam and Luri Payam.

He added that the major aim of the initiative was to convey togetherness and unity among the Bari community from different localities for free movement from North or South without being seen as strangers.

 “We youths our time is now, let us not wait for tomorrow we need each other as a country let us do things that can unite people because if you start dividing people now you will never unite people at your old age.We need to unite ourselves as a state and a country to fight any enemy that will attack us.” Luwala cited

In his part, Emmanuel LakuSule, the outgoing chairperson for the Bari Cultural Community said that coming together of the Bari community would reflect a state of positive modalities

“The unity of the Bariyouthswhereby they are able to come together and to promote the culture and preserve it and it becomes now like a model. Of course we had challenges like means of transport, perceptions from  people that culture is not of the modern era but we stick to it and now people are appreciating and joining it” Sule cited   

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