BANK-To release USD 3M to rescue power shut

By Chany Ninrew

The governor of the Central Bank of South Sudan has revealed that the government has agreed to give JEDCO 3 million US dollars every month so that they continue to provide power.

Earlier this month, JEDCO which supplies electricity to Juba threatened to shut down power supply in the city, but stopped short of implementing the decision due to the apparent intervention of the Central Bank.

In a press statement released shortly after arrival from Egypt, the governor Dier Tong Ngor said the government is ready to support companies that deliver crucial service to the citizens.

“We are really here to support any company that provides service to the public whether that company imports essential commodities like fuel and food items, we have to support them because if you support them and they bring those goods, it is important to the community so that is the same with electricity,” said Tong.

The governor also stated that the maintenance of power supply in the city is important not only for the luxuries of hotels and apartments but also for the common people who are now able to work longer hours to benefit their families.

“Now that the power is on, there are people who are able to do what they could not do if the power was not on, what impressed me a lot is that now even those who sell tea on the street are able to be there for long hours to get something for their families. So, it is a key service really not only for those of us who want to have air conditions and whatever but even to a simple person who sells simple things,” he said.

Tong also revealed that the government will give JEDCO about 3 million US dollars to facilitate the cost of importation of essential commodities like fuel and spare parts.

“So, when this issue came up, we did not hesitate to provide hard currency to JEDCO, we have agreed with them to meet their needs, so every month we will give them 3 million dollars, this money will cater for the importation of heavy fuel, spare parts, and to pay other foreign companies that they subcontracted, that is a commitment that we have made and we will keep,” he said.

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