Bangladesh engineers renovate Rejaf west road

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Bangladesh Engineering team living in United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) led by commander Lieutenant Colonel Syed Raquibul Hassan has started renovating Rejaf West road in Tokiman area, Central Equatoria State.

Speaking to the press yesterday, Lieutenant Colonel Syed Raquibul Hassan said people of Bangladesh have special commitment for South Sudanese people and development of communities, currently all the equipment are there, we will do whatever we need.

After resuming responsibilities from their predecessors under blue Barrette, they carried out a number of development works besides performing their core responsibilities.

Some major development works they have undertaken includes repair and maintenance of 155km Kuda-Mundri, Mvolo road as well as Juba Yei road maintenance running.

He revealed that it was an opportunity to do something for community development.

“As contingent commander for Bangladesh, I take that spirit and we do our best to these communities,” he said.

He added that it’s essential for us to repair when we saw condition of poor road from the community. So far we are approaching the local authority; definitely the Bangladesh have been working here in South Sudan since 2005.

Fred Lako Raymond, Former Rejaf county Commissioner said the road would benefit both community and UN as well as any travelers because basically UNMISS through Bangladesh the community have been giving great appreciation for their support as well as the spirit and their solidarity.

“It is very difficult for the people to access the office of Tokiman West Payam but through the support of Bangladesh and United Nations Mission in South Sudan, we are very grateful for the presence of Bangladesh contingent unit that has extended their hand to help the community. We have come today to witness the small section of road renovation in Tokiman west Payam of Rejaf,” he said,

He said road is a very important since it links the administration office of Rejaf county and Police station.

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