Bangladesh contingent launches 260km road maintenance in Yambio

By Baraka John  

The Bangladesh contingent serving with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) have launched 260 km trunk road maintenance along Yambio- Mundri road.

The four months’ project aims at maintaining some impassable road sections along Yambio- Mundri road that had seen commercial tracks and passengers struggling to reach their destinations. 

Maj. Zaman Iftarkher Bangladesh construction engineer contingent 21 said, the road maintenance would cover Yambio to Ibba, via Maridi, Mambe, Karika to greater Mundri. Zaman.

“We are going to maintain 260km road, width 4-6 metres from Yambio to Mundri, this work will take us four months to complete”.  Zaman added

Meanwhile the state acting governor, Dr. Kennedy Gaaniko assured his government readiness to provide security at course of the project.

Gaaniko said, road maintenance is of great benefit for the communities and business entities operating their shops in the Counties especially along this bad road sections.

“Our communities have been struggling along this road, if the road is maintained, our people will be able to have access to good road”. Gaaniko said

Yambio Mundri high way was once constructed in 2010, since then no major maintenance has been done.  

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