Balanda condemned attack on gov’t officials

By Atimaku Joan

Balanda Community in Western Equatoria state have condemned the targeted attacks on senior government officials by unknown armed men.

 In a press release yesterday by Eddy Ukele Gumass the Chairperson of the Balanda Community said that the issue of attack on government officials was based on a social prospect.

“I take this opportunity to strongly condemn the targeted attacks on senior government officials WES. These brutal armed attacks appear to be based on ethnic background,” Gumass noted in the press statement.

He affirmed that James Adu the State Minister of Health had experienced  several attacks starting from June last year till the 19 of July this year where unknown group of men broke into his house and shot dead his bodyguard,also William Baiki Adrian the State Minister for Information and Communication’s house had been attacked on the 3rd.  of July this year, last month and early this week.

He stated that his home was also attacked by theunknown armed group including the home of the Mayor of Yambo town.

The Chairperson claimed that there was consistent wave of daily attacks against the prominent citizens from the Balanda community in Yambio with possibility of it spreading to the other parts of the state.

He urged the State Government, the people and traditional leaders ofWestern Equatoria to intervene to contain the situation before it goes out of control and to protect all the state officials and the people.

He has also requested national, state and Tombura county authorities to initiate a dialogue between all the tribes in Tombura.

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